Bespoke USBs & Lanyards

When it comes to your company marketing, you are often faced with hundreds of different ideas. Which product do I choose? Which is best for your company? Quite often, you only have a choice between a few shapes and sizes or colours. Our custom gadgets are fully customisable, even down to your bespoke project!

We have a vast range of custom and unusual designs for you to look at and to choose from. Anything and everything from camper van shaped USB’s to football, bottle opener, aeroplane and even pen shaped USB’s. Inspire your imagination, fuel that bespoke product and take a look at our complete range here.

If there’s nothing that you see that is ideal for your business, then why not design your own? We are able to make a bespoke USB for you in any shape. This allows you to have a unique and bespoke item to take to market. We would love you to challenge us with unique ideas! Learn more about the process here.

Sometimes your staff might need to carry an ID badge and is easier on a lanyard. We can customise the lanyards with your company brand, or if you’re running a large event and need several hundred, we can also provide those for you. See the full range here.